ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 45001 lead auditor training

Aim – ISO 45001 lead auditor training

  • ISO 45001 lead auditor training course enhances the existing auditing skills of candidates to conduct a full audit of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS) based on ISO 45001.
  • This training certainly promotes the delegates to plan, conduct, manage, report, and as well as to follow-up the ISO 45001 audit in compliance with ISO 19011.
  • Moreover, the main objective of ISO 45001 lead auditor training is to help the delegates to understand the ISO 45001:2018 requirements, OH&SMS concepts, principles, and as well as its definitions. This enhances the auditing skills and knowledge of the delegates to become a competent ISO 45001 lead auditor.

Why is ISO 45001 lead auditor course important?

The ISO 45001 lead auditor training allows the participants to:

  • Understand the OH&SMS structure as well as its concepts thoroughly and expeditiously
  • Learn the latest auditing techniques and methods
  • Perform both internal and external audits according to ISO 45001
  • Meet the requirements of a CQI_IRCA certified lead auditor
  • Apply and get their name registered in the CQI_IRCA registry as an ISO 45001 lead auditor on the successful completion of the course
  • Also, it trains delegates to follow the best practices and to keep their management system in compliance with international standard

For whom the ISO 45001 lead auditor training is important?

Anyone interested to learn the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 and OH&SMS can participate in this training. But it is important for:

  • Safety managers
  • OH&SMS consultants
  • Management representatives
  • Also, for ISO 45001:2018 internal auditor

What are pre-requisites to participate in this training?

  • ISO 45001 requirements
  • OH&SMS concepts as well as its importance

About IAS

Integrated Assessment Services is one of the globally recognized ISO training bodies in South Africa. We offer lead auditor training, internal auditor training, and awareness and foundation training on ISO 45001 and also on various ISO management system standards.

IAS provides ISO 45001 lead auditor training not only in South Africa but also in numerous African countries including Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, etc.

ISO 45001 lead auditor training at IAS

Course duration:

5 days of the training program (40 hours).

Training formats:

Classroom training as well as the online training program

Course content:

The ISO 45001 lead auditor training includes topics such as:

  • ISO 45001:2018 introduction
  • ISO 45001 requirements and its clauses
  • Overview of the occupational health and safety management system
  • OH&SMS principles as well as its benefits
  • Annex XL framework (high-level structure)
  • Audit definition and its types
  • Guidelines for auditing (ISO 19011)
  • Explanation about audit planning, preparation of checklist and follow-up activities
  • Also, the roles and responsibilities of an ISO 45001 lead auditor

The training program also contains:

  • Group discussion
  • Mock tests
  • Sample audit scenarios and
  • Presentation
  • Also, exercises and frequent assessments


IAS provides real-time auditors as tutors to train the delegates with practical examples to understand the ISO 45001 requirements as well as its clauses. Our trainers have the best industry experience in OH&SMS audits. So, they will guide the delegates professionally and help them become a certified ISO 45001 lead auditor.


IAS offers CQI-IRCA accredited ISO 45001 lead auditor training that certainly promotes delegates to confidently conduct an effective OH&SMS audit at any organization.


The duration of the final written examination is 2 hours. It will be conducted at the end day of the training program. The delegates who are taking the ISO 45001 lead auditor training online have to take the online examination.


The CQI-IRCA approved ISO 45001 lead auditor certificate is provided only for the delegates who passed the written examination. The result is based on the final examination score and frequent assessments that are conducted during the training session. The professional certificate will be sent to the registered mail address for the delegates who attended the training online.

The investment covers:

  • Course material
  • Lunch and refreshments

Also, the IRCA accredited ISO 45001 lead auditor certificate