ISO 22000:2018 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000:2018 standard?

ISO 22000 is a popular Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standard. This international standard specifies requirements to ensure food safety and to eliminate food safety hazards and risks. It helps control, manage, and as well as to reduce low-quality food.

ISO 22000:2018 is the latest standard, followed by most of the food business industries to continually improve FSMS performance. This standard follows the process approach to develop the organizations’ process and system to achieve their desired goals and objectives. It also comes with Risk-based thinking to help the organizations to control and manage the risks that arise in the management system process.

Whether it is a small or large organization, the ISO 22000 requirements are intended to be applicable to any organization in the food supply chain

About IAS – A UQAS accredited ISO 22000 Certification body in South Africa

Integrated Assessment Services is an accredited certification body for providing process certification and product certification in South Africa.

We provide ISO 22000 Certification services in South Africa and also in various countries across the globe including African countries such as Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, etc. Also, we offer certification services in major cities of the following countries India, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

IAS is also famous for auditing and issuing product certification such as Kosher, Green, CE Marking, GOST-R, RoHS, etc.

IAS offers lead auditor training, internal auditor training, and as well as awareness and foundation training on numerous ISO management system standards.

How does the ISO 22000 Certification benefit my business?

  • ISO 22000 Certification enhances the FSMS performance
  • Eliminates food safety risks and hazards
  • Provides better control over the food safety
  • Ensures food safety as well as customer satisfaction
  • Boosts stakeholder confidence
  • Also, enhances the organization’s reputation

 Ways to get ISO 22000 Certification through IAS:

IAS offers simple yet effective ways to support the organization in the implementation of the ISO 22000 Certification.

  • Find the IAS application form on our site.
  • Fill the form and send it to use.
  • Contact us to get detailed information about the ISO 22000 certification and our auditing process.
  • Implement the effective requirements of ISO 22000:2018. You can also get help from a consultant (our auditors also act as a consultant to guide the organization in the fulfillment of the desired ISO standard).
  • Train your employees and prepare the documents such as internal audit reports, the organization’s process, and services records, etc.
  • IAS audit team will come with a plan to conduct the audit.
  • We conduct an ISO 22000 certification audit and confirm that an organization (our client) is providing safe and quality services to its customers. Finally, we issue the UQAS accredited ISO 22000 Certificate.
  • Also, IAS conducts a surveillance audit every year until the validity of the initial certification.
  • Further, we also perform a Re-certification audit for the continual improvement of your organization’s management system.

Looking for an accredited ISO 22000 Certification body in South Africa? Look no further! Here is IAS. Contact us to know more about the ISO 22000 Certification and our auditing process.

Our team consists of certified experts of ISO 22000, having a vast experience in Establishing, Implementing, Operating, Monitoring, Reviewing, Maintaining and Improving FSMS. For further information us +91 9962590571