BRC Certification

BRC certification

IAS – UQAS accredited Certification body

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Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a reputed organization in Morocco for issuing BRC Certification and also other product certification. We are a globally recognized body for providing management system certifications and product certification. IAS is famous for offering BRC Certification service in Morocco and also in other African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

Why BRC product Certification?

Product certification is a process of verifying a product to ensure that it complies with applicable quality requirements. That’s to say, it is a verification product to establish/demonstrate the nature of the product.

BRC Certification is a declaration of the manufacturers/suppliers/food processors to customers that their products are safe and best-in-quality. This is also one of the food safety certifications to ensure food safety and quality. This certification certainly promotes an organization’s reputation and helps you achieve many retailers, food service companies, and food manufacturers across the globe. Moreover, the BRC Certification is applicable to all food business organizations in the supply chain.

Introduction to BRC standard

BRC – food safety standard specifies guidelines for the manufacturers to produce high-quality food which is safe for human consumption. It reduces food safety risks and hazards in production, packing, storing, and distribution processes. Also, this standard helps organizations to satisfy the food safety legislation.

BRC certification procedure:

  • Firstly, make an enquiry through our website
  • Or fill the application form and send to
  • Or else, contact us directly to know the auditing procedures specific to your organization
  • IAS will initiate the audit, after receiving the application
  • Analyzing the possible requirements
  • Identification of required specifications related to the products
  • Evaluating technical documents
  • Verification of documentation
  • IAS provides audit reports with deviation report (only if any)
  • Finally, after effective implementation, IAS will issue the required BRC Certificate

BRC Certification – Benefits

  • Enhances the customers’ satisfaction
  • Develops food safety system
  • Promotes the brand image
  • Increases credibility
  • Also, brings global recognition

Other services of IAS:

  • IAS offers management system certifications against popular ISO standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, 22301, 22000, 20000, 50001, etc.
  • We are also famous for providing lead auditor training, internal auditor training and foundation training courses.
  • We have several branches and representatives to issue BRC Certification in numerous countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Mexico, Turkey, etc.

To know more about the BRC certification and auditing process, kindly contact us!

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