ISO 15189 Certification

ISO 15189 certification

Introduction to ISO 15189

The international standard for medical laboratory’s quality management system ISO 15189 specifies requirements to enhance the quality and competency of medical laboratories. Also, this standard supports the accreditation bodies or regulating authorities to analyze the competence of laboratories. However, this certification standard helps the laboratory customers to evaluate the overall quality performance of the laboratories.

About IAS – An accredited ISO 15189 certification body in Nigeria

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS), one of the recognized ISO 15189 certification bodies in Nigeria! We deliver ISO 15189 certification service not only in Nigeria but also in various African countries such as Ghana, South Africa, and so on. IAS also has numerous branches and representatives across the world including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Gulf, USA, etc.

We have an excellent team of auditors who have years of professional experience in real-time auditing to support the organization in the effective implementation of the desired standard’s requirements and specifications.

Other than auditing and issuing the ISO 15189 certification, we also perform as a consultant to help our clients to design a well-developed management system.

Why ISO 15189 Certification?

By implementing the requirements of the ISO 15189 certification standard, an organization can obtain the following benefits.

Regardless of size, the ISO 15189 certification standard certainly applies to all laboratories.

  • Improves the quality and competency of medical laboratories
  • Enhances customers’ confidence
  • Establishes the QMS performance of the laboratories
  • Also, increases the credibility

Steps to contact IAS in Nigeria

  1. Make an enquiry through our website
  2. Drop us a mail to
  3. Fill out the application form in our website and send us
  4. You can also contact us directly and have free discussion about ISO 15189 certification and auditing process

Highlights of our ISO 15189 certification process:

  • Certification audit

After receiving the application, our team will review and initiate the audit procedure. Normally, the ISO 15189 Certification audit includes 2 stages such as readiness audit and effectiveness audit. Our auditors will give you the audit report with effective implementation and also we support you to improve the non-conformities. Finally, IAS will issue the ISO 15189 Certificate.

  • Surveillance audit

IAS also conducts a surveillance audit every 12 months to maintain the high-level performance of the management system.

  • Re-certification audit

We also conduct a re-certification audit, if the validity of the initial certification is over. This helps the organization to continually improve the management system and its techniques.

Want to know more details about ISO 15189 Certification and its specific auditing process? Feel free to call us!

For detail discussion over phone or in-person, kindly contact our executives through Mail: or Mobile:+91 9962590571