HACCP Certification

HACCP Certification

HACCP Certification in Nigeria

The HACCP system is a management system used by all food businesses, both onshore and offshore, to manage food safety. It is the responsibility of all food businesses to ensure that there are risk control measures in place to ensure satisfactory hygiene levels within their business. A HACCP certification ensures that you meet these requirements.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from farming and production, through manufacturing, to final preparation for consumption by the consumer. The system requires a company to carry out a hazard identification and assessment process, and develop critical control points within their business. This involves identifying all potential hazards which can occur during processing, manufacturing or distribution. It also looks at how these identified hazards can be controlled or prevented.

HACCP certification in Nigeria by Integrated Assessment Services ensures that there are identified critical control points which have been assessed and evaluated so as to establish whether or not the hazards can be controlled effectively. This system aims to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and ensure that the end product is suitable for human consumption.

Procedure for HACCP – Food Safety Certification in Nigeria

The process of HACCP certification in Nigeria involves:

  1. Initial meeting and assessment of the company to identify all food safety hazards. This will be followed by a follow up inspection which identifies any deficiencies or non-compliance with regulations.
  2. The company must prepare and submit a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) for approval. This can also be a HACCP Manual.
  3. A food safety audit will then be carried out in order to identify any further deficiencies and non-compliance with regulations, which will need to be addressed urgently.
  4. Finally the company must submit all relevant documentation for approval before being issued with their certification document

HACCP Certification Requirements in Nigeria

The following documents and certificates must be in place and up-to-date in order to successfully obtain a HACCP certification:

  1. Food Safety Management System Manual (FSMS)
  2. Certificate of Registration from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). This is the only document which will allow you to handle and possess chemicals in Nigeria.
  3. Health and Sanitation license (issued by the Ministry of Health)
  4. Standard Operating Procedures Manual
  5. ISO 22000:2018 certification for companies handling food products, including System Certification if applicable

Food Safety Certification and Training

IAS as a HACCP certification body in Nigeria is committed to providing you with the best food safety standards possible. We offer 20% discounts on all HACCP certifications and registrations for those who sign up for our training course. Our consulting company provides free technical support and assistance throughout and after the certification process.

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HACCP Certification Agency in Nigeria

Integrated Assessment Services is the leading food safety certification company in Nigeria. We offer all clients a 20% discount on their certification fees if they enroll for our training course. Our consultants are experienced and accredited, having worked over many years with over 500 clients to ensure their food safety standards are of the highest standard.

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