ISO 27001:2022 Lead Auditor Training

About ISO 27001 Training

Integrated Assessment Services offers ISO 27001 training courses. Our aim is to provide a learning environment that is tailored to each student’s needs and objectives in order for each student to succeed. ISO 27001 training aids participants in comprehending how an information security management system (ISMS) must comply with ISO 27001 regulations.

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) specializes in ISO 27001 training and seminars that adhere to worldwide and national standards. All of EAS’s lead auditor training courses and self-study programs, which are offered by our group company, Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS), an Authorized Training Partner of CQI-IRCA.

ISO 27001 Training

ISO 27001 Training Levels

  • Beginner Level ISO 27001 Training – Awareness
  • Intermediate Level ISO 27001 Training – Internal Auditor
  • Advanced Level ISO 27001 Training – Lead Auditor

ISO 27001 Training – Awareness/Foundation

Awareness or foundation ISO 27001 training is a wonderful option if you want to understand the fundamentals of ISMS. This ISO 27001 training only takes a few hours and covers topics such as the history and development of the ISO, its structure and organization, its objectives, and how it affects us. Enrolling all employees in an ISMS before obtaining ISO 27001 certification may be wise to help minimize risks and increase values.

ISO 27001 Training – Internal Auditor

An ISO 27001 internal auditor course is an intermediate-level training that allows individuals to assume leadership roles in their respective organizations. An internal auditor who has attended this ISO 27001 training has the ability to make recommendations for improved corporate performance, while also recommending ways to streamline and improve information security management.

Course duration: 2 days

Available mode: Online, Self Learning, and Open classroom training.

ISO 27001 Training – Lead Auditor

The lead auditor training is an advanced level ISO 27001 course that allows individuals to become professional auditors. The purpose of the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certification is to provide one with the skills needed for planning, conducting, monitoring, and reporting on information security management system audits in accordance with international/national standards. Participants will learn how to conduct external audits and help companies achieve ISO 27001 certification. This ISO 27001 training is IRCA accredited, so individuals who complete the course will be internationally recognized ISO 27001 lead auditors.

The ISMS Lead Auditor Training is led by experienced and competent experts who deal with the evaluation, testing, and issuing of ISO certifications on a daily basis. You will receive the most current and correct information about the processes and regulations followed through this ISO 27001 training.

Course Duration – 5 days, 40 hours

Mode of Delivery – Classroom/In-House or Virtual Classroom

Method of Conducting ISO 27001 Training:

  • Classroom Method:  This is a typical technique used to train individuals in a classroom setting. we offer public teaching programs for many ISO standards, including ISO 27001.
  • In-house training:  We also offer ISO 27001 training as an in-house program and is specially tailored to the employees of individual companies. This is a key benefit is you can create your own schedule without affecting the company’s work schedule. Our tutors will come to your location to deliver ISO 27001 training.
  • Online Virtual Classroom Training:  Virtual courses are also available through Zoom Video Conference. Our tutors will conduct live ISO 27001 training sessions completely online.
  • Online Self-Learning: This is a completely self-paced form of ISO 27001 training. Individuals will have 30-day access to an online portal where they can go through learning modules and self-assessments to complete ISO 27001 training.

Experienced Tutors for ISO 27001 Training

ISO 27001 courses are often taught by auditors with significant expertise in the field of security. As a result, during your training, you will get the correct information. It also allows you to gain important and intelligent insights into your position as an auditor. Are you already eager? Please contact us right away to learn more about the course.

Why ISO 27001 Training

  • A course developed by ISO team leaders with 20 years of experience.
  • All concepts are explained through exercises and activities.
  • Diverse examples for people from almost all industries.
  • Very high success rate.
  • Provision of the results within 15 days.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • Accredit maximum systems and also have them made available online.
  • The exam is also available online.

How to Apply for ISO 27001 Training

Give us a call or email us with your ISO 27001 training request. Our friendly training team will support you and answer all your questions.

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