CE Marking Certification

About CE Certification in Ghana

CE, or European Conformity, is a marking used on consumer products made in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to indicate that it meets all the legal requirements for sale in one of these countries. It’s very important to know what CE certification means if you are doing business with any of these countries either directly or indirectly.

CE Certification

The European Council has mandated that products entering the EEA cannot be sold without having passed specific tests on basic health and safety. All member states of the European Union are automatically part of this agreement. Manufacturers are legally responsible for demonstrating compliance with these laws, although responsibility lies with the importers in most cases unless there is clear evidence to show that the importer knew about the non-compliances.

The CE marking (shown above) is one such way manufacturers can show their products meet the minimum requirements. The marking must be affixed to a product and its packaging, either by the printing or an indelible reference mark.

How to get CE Certification?

If you intend to export your product to the EEA region, then you should know how to get CE certification for your product. Following are the steps you need to follow.

  1.  First, identify if your product is a priority for certification or just needs an assessment by determining what risks it poses and by checking relevant directives.
  2.  It’s important that you do not use this certificate as an excuse to reduce the safety of your products; this is manufacturer-specific and if any problems occur, you could be the one held responsible.
  3.  Then you need to prepare your technical documentation in a clear format that shows the product’s compliance with every applicable directive by proving that all safety requirements have been met.
  4.  If your product is a low risk, then you can apply for an assessment; it’s also possible to do this in advance of the launch, in case your product is later added to a new directive. Not all products need to be assessed by a notified body (most don’t). If you are unsure, ask your supplier or manufacturer if you can apply for pre-assessment.
  5.  Contact IAS. We will help you to arrive at the Directive and testing required as per the directive and EN Standard. We will also in the process of CE certification, suggest ways to reduce costs if your product does not need full scope testing.
  6.  IAS follows ECOS (European Co-operation for Accreditation) procedures and requirements, thus all tests are carried out by ECOS accredited laboratories so there is no chance of any deviation in results/reports.

If you still require more information about how to get CE Certification do contact IAS- Integrated Assessment Services at enquiry@iascertification. Our technical experts will answer your queries.

IAS has been a leading quality management system certification organization providing a variety of certifications in the USA and across the world for over 20 years. We provide our clients with international recognition of their credentials through endorsement by seven nationally recognized registration boards/agencies. Our international scope of operations in various regions allows us to offer personal service, lower cost, and faster turnaround time.

Some of the products

Products that fall under this requirement: Fire Extinguishers, Gas Cylinders, Electrical Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Mechanical Power Transmission equipment, toys, Electronic equipment, medical devices, etc.

How much does it cost to get CE Certification?

The cost of getting CE certification depends on the test that is required by IAS Accredited persons alongside the type of product you are certifying. It’s best to contact IAS via email with your product information for individualized pricing.

There are many agencies that offer CE certification, but before you get the certification done elsewhere, do your research to ensure it’s legitimate. Ask around and you’ll be able to tell good agencies from bad ones pretty easily.

Benefits of CE Certification

  1. Transparent and open market of EEA

2) The cost of selling your products increases exponentially the longer you wait to get certified

3) Exports from EEA countries will be a lot easier as customers don’t have to worry about your products meeting their requirements

4) You will be able to source materials more easily, this is because some suppliers won’t sell to you without proof of CE certification

5) Brings more customers on board, particularly in the EEA region.

Conclusion: The EC has made it compulsory for products entering the EEA to be CE certified. This requirement also extends to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), but only when the product is being exported there.

Getting CE certification for your products is not an easy process. There are a lot of issues to deal with and it’s very time-consuming as well. However, the benefits outweigh all these inconveniences by far, so take the necessary steps now and get the required certification done early enough.

Contact IAS: We will help your doubts on How to get CE Certification and clarity in obtaining the certification. Contact at enquiry@iascertification.com