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About BRC Certification in Ghana

Integrated Assessment Services provide BRC Certification in Ghana, the BRC Certification is a voluntary certification body that was started in November 2012, with the objective to improve food safety and quality assurance in the country. The BRC Global Standards are based on ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems requirements.

BRC certification

BRC certification

The BRC Global Standards are owned by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). They comprise a set of principles, criteria, and management requirements designed to ensure consistently high levels of performance.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the leading global food safety and quality assurance scheme. Its mission is to deliver Global Standards that enable businesses to improve their operational efficiency, consumer confidence, and protection for stakeholders with whom they work around the world.

They are used in all sectors of industry worldwide, throughout supply chains in more than 130 countries. BRC Global Standards are based on ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management Systems requirements, and provide a comprehensive framework of requirements for all food safety elements related to the production, processing, and distribution of food.

Retailers, manufacturers, food producers, and distributors are increasingly exposed to higher levels of public scrutiny. This heightened awareness is driven by legislative requirements, consumer demands for greater transparency, and the need to ensure brand protection.

IAS role in BRC Certification

Integrated Assessment Services provide BRC Certification in Ghana, we provide a comprehensive audit process that is tailored specifically to the client’s individual needs. We work with you throughout the entire business cycle: during implementation, in-depth audits and re-certification require frequent follow-up and close interaction between the assessors and the client.

Our services are designed to reduce risk, improve quality assurance procedures, meet stringent legislative requirements, increase market access, encourage customer loyalty and protect brands.

We also provide custom-made certification solutions that ensure an independent assessment of your food safety management systems based on BRC Global Standards requirements.

BRC Certification Requirements

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the world’s most widely recognized standard for food safety management.

The standard, developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), sets out requirements for companies involved in the processing or trading of food, however small or large. It provides end-to-end guidance on good hygiene practices throughout your business.

It exists as a series of food safety elements, which can either be assessed together as a whole or individually. To be awarded the BRC certification, all elements must meet the required standard.

The standard is regularly updated to keep pace with changes in legislation around the world, and it has been used by more than 300 organizations worldwide.

Cost of BRC Certification in Ghana

IAS provides BRC Certification in Ghana, the standard is broken down into elements, each of which must be addressed during certification.

The total cost for this service would depend on the number of sites to be assessed and your requirements; however, it is advisable to contact us at IAS for a more accurate quote.

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