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ISO 45001:2018 Certification

ISO 45001 (OH&SMS) Certification in Africa

IAS is an esteemed ISO 45001 certification body in Africa, Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS) provides the establishment of an organization’s commitment to providing a safe working environment for the employees and others. The objective of the certification is to reduce/prevent accidents, deaths, and injuries of people and loss or damage to environment and equipment. Occupational injuries and diseases will create an unpleasant situation for employees as well as in the economy, which results in the loss from premature retirements, loss of experienced staffs and increased insurance premium. ISO 45001 certification helps to resolve this situation. The certification helps to tackle this situation by providing a structure to enhance staff safety, reduce or eliminate work environment risks and develop a safer working environment globally.

 IAS is providing ISO 45001 certification service in Africa, our strategic approach helps to achieve all the safety measures required to minimize the accidents and injuries that may happen in the workplace. Our service helps the organization that has not yet worked on a health and safety management system. We provide assistance from an independent service to find out what is still absent to attain compliance with the chosen standard requirements and obtain related certification.

Why IAS?

IAS will aid you to earn an in-depth knowledge of ISO 45001, a universal standard for safety management systems that contributes a structure for a safer workplace. Our global connected system on every country allows us to serve organizations worldwide and certify their compliance with ISO 45001 on a global scale. Auditors and trainers in EAS hold both international and national accreditations to meet local requirements for integrated auditing processes. This ensures that ISO certification for Health and Safety Management System in Africa by IAS is conducted with great professionalism and conformity to international guidelines and standards. ISO 45001:2018certification is a representation of offering assurance to the safety and welfare of the employees in the organization. Choosing IAS as your certification partner allows your organization to derive support from our experience. Nowadays accidents in workplaces and health issues due to the activities in the work environment have been increased. It can be easily prevented by taking OHS&SMS certification. Any assistance regarding ISO 45001:2018 certification in Africa, contact us we are there to help.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification

The success of an organization solely depends on the employees and the management. Retaining productive employees can achieve only by providing needful consideration of their welfare. Benefits of OH&SMS are providing a safe and healthy work environment for the employees thereby providing health protection for employees. The certification helps to enhance the reputation of the organization. Safe work environment helps to reduce workplace accidents and thereby eliminate unnecessary expenses. And predominantly the organization can achieve employee satisfaction.

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