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ISO 22000:2018 Certification

ISO 22000:2018 Certification in Africa

After results of an unsafe food are really serious, to avoid such circumstances FSMS certification aids organization to identify and manage food safety hazards.  Nowadays numerous food products are exporting to other countries, so international standards should have to ensure the safety of the universal supply chain. IAS conducts ISO Food Safety Management System certification service in Africa. ISO 22000 certification includes all the necessary measures for ensuring food safety in the entire food chains. FSMS standards are developed by experts from the food industry. Irrespective of the size or sector the FSMS certification is applicable to everyone who is in the food chain industry. The strategic method auditing of IAS reduces the risks and enhances customer and public confidence. Certifying to ISO 22000 exhibits that the foundation of structured management is included in the overall management activities of the organization. It is also clear that the company’s adherence to food safety, the entire food supply chain of the organization ensure the delivery of safe food products to its clients. The FSMS certification finds out the necessary measures an organization needs to take to exhibits its potential to manage food safety hazards in order to assure that the food products are safe.

How can we help to Get ISO 22000:2018 Certification?

IAS is a globally established organization for ISO certification and Lead Auditor Training. We are one of the leading ISO certification body in Africa. We help to achieve ISO 22000 certification for food industries in Africa through our simple and hassle-free method. We will assist you in every step of auditing and make your organization ready for the audit and we assure cent percent guarantee of your certification. Our well-documented approach saves time and money and we have good knowledge of how necessary it is for you to achieve this certification. ISO FSMS certification is a representation of how much do you and your organization is giving importance to food safety and management. Nowadays buyers are not ready to take any chance, to reduce the risk of purchasing a low-quality product, especially in the case food products or products that are intended for consuming internally; they always look for best quality ISO certified products. The experience and the global presence of IAS have created a history of executing successful large-scale, complex international projects. Our people understand the culture and nature of the local market and perform internationally in an effective and reliable manner. Customer satisfaction makes us grow and we work for the extra mile to keep our customer happy. For any assistance regarding FSMS certification in Africa visit us and we are at your service.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

ISO FSMS certification helps to reduce the production of low-quality food and thereby reduces health risks. The certification provides assurance of food safety. It helps to maintain trust by the public. The certification also assists to improve risk management, raises safety awareness within the organization and helps to maintain product sustainability. The ISO 22000 certification helps to integrate food safety management system and quality management process within an organization.

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