ISO 22000:2018 Certification

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS):

At all times, everywhere, food safety is the major concern for everyone’s purpose to lead a healthy life.

International Standard Organization (ISO) sets out requirements as ISO 22000 to food manufacturers, hotels restaurants, and other food supply-chain organizations to rectify food safety issues. Moreover, the ISO 22000 Certification standard applies to all organizations in the food supply chain irrespective of its size.

The ISO 22000 standard specifies requirements in industries to assess risks that affect food safety in its entire life-cycle.

For an effective FSMS, ISO 22000 helps the organizations to plan, implement, measure, and monitor and analyze using PDCA approaches in their management processes for continual improvement.

However, ISO 22000 is made to align with high-level structure of ISO 22000 requirements. So it is easy to integrate with other management systems in the organization.

Also, FSMS certification requires to fulfill the legal and regulatory compliance to avoid the disruptions in delivering the products or services to customers.

Major benefits of acquiring the ISO 22000 Certification:

  • Ensures food safety
  • Promotes food quality
  • Develops customers satisfaction
  • Assures continual improvement of the FSMS

IAS – The most trusted ISO 22000 Certification body

IAS, a privately held corporation, is headquartered in the southern part of India. Incorporated in 2007, specialize in providing ISO management standard certification and product certification to local, national, and international organizations with UQAS accreditation.

IAS certified many successful food organizations with our qualified auditors and technical expertise by auditing and assisting the quality-driven organizations in Ghana and its cities namely Accra, Tema, Tamale, Kumasi, etc.,

Also operating worldwide with 200 more qualified auditors, consultants, trainers in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Gulf, USA.

IAS provides quality and business systems auditing, consulting, and also IRCA certified training services specializing in helping the companies for their growth and development in their management systems.

We specialize in ISO 22000, ISO 22301, ISO 14001 ISO 20000, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, etc. Also product certification such as BRC, VAPT, Green, CE marking, HACCP, RoHS, GOST-R, etc.,

ISO 22000 certification procedure:

  • Download and fill the application form which is available free from our website. Email us:
  • Then contract review with the organization
  • Initial visit to site (optional)
  • Normally, ISO 22000 certification audit consists of two stages

Stage 1: Document review, preparedness for the audit

Stage 2: Audit Evidence findings, technical review & requirements of ISO 22000

  • NC closure (if any)
  • Certification decision and issuance of ISO 22000:2018 certificate
  • Surveillance audit
  • Re-certification audit
  • Termination, withdrawal, logo usages come under IAS terms and conditions.

For further information, to know more details about training, consultation, audit procedures, please drop us a mail with your query.

Our team consists of certified experts of ISO 22000, having a vast experience in Establishing, Implementing, Operating, Monitoring, Reviewing, Maintaining and Improving FSMS. For further information us +91 9962590571