HACCP Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification – food safety

Whenever new food products or any food products placed in the market, food safety plays a major role in it. Whether it is safer, healthier and hygienically produced or not is the major question that arise in everyone mind.

In order to overcome this, Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) set out requirements and a systematic approach for food safety which prevents the foods from hazards such as biological, chemical, and physical.

These hazards are analyzed and evaluated based on their potential impacts causing food safety in their risk assessment, CCP (critical control points) are defined to control the food safety and monitored frequently.

However if the deviations happens, corrective actions is taken to avoid reaching customers or end consumers. At last, the verification and validation of a corrective action by HACCP team of members to ensure the food safety.

These procedures in the organization will lead them to quality food products and gain business opportunities by winning their customer’s satisfaction and meet obligatory compliance.

 Benefits of HACCP Certification in business:

  • International market access to get more business opportunity.
  • Obviously increase employee satisfaction and their health and hygiene will increase.
  • Best practices for food safety in the workplace.
  • Reduce food wastage and improve profitability.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.

IAS – Most trusted HACCP certification body in Ghana

Integrated assessment services(IAS) has vast experience in providing HACCP certification to food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants  in many part of the country Ghana and its cities namely Accra, Tema, Tamale, Kumasi, etc.,

Moreover, IAS team of Auditors and food experts are provided for auditing the organization for successful HACCP Certification.

Moreover IAS expertise in various ISO management standard certification and product certification. such as ISO 9001, ISO22301, ISO14001 ISO20000 ISO15189, ISO17025 ISO45001, ISO 13485, BRC, VAPT, Green, CE marking, Kosher, RoHS, GOST-R, etc.

Other than that, IAS have training partners who provide IRCA Certified lead auditor and internal auditor training in ISO Management standards and provide consultation to companies who wants their business activities & processes to be well organize for an continual improvement.

IAS – HACCP Certification process

  • Make an enquiry or send mail to info@iasiso.com
  • Our representative will assist you for further process.
  • Also, download and fill the application form which is free of cost available in our site.
  • Then contract review with the organization
  • Certification audit process (stage 1& 2)
  • Issuance of HACCP certification with a validity of 3 years.
  • Surveillance audit.
  • Re-certification audit.

For detailed HACCP certification process, training and consultation please contact us info@iasiso.com.

For more Information about HACCP certification and training course please contact our ISO professional team on today through Mail: info@iasiso.com and Mob:+91 9962590571